Model Kyara Taylor 

(1) What is your name?

A: Kyara Taylor

(2) What do you do?

A; I am a model

(3) How long have you been modeling?

A;  I have been modeling for 6 years.

4) What designers have u modeled for?

A; I have modeled for Chandra Peyton of Dauphine of France Couture, Soreyda Benedit-Begley,Elizabeth Galicia, Jessica Lester, Madison Jones of Madz, Claudia Emoungue,

(5) Are you published?

A;  Yes, I am published in the February 2014, August 2014, and the Covergirl for July 2014 issues of Imperial Magazine. The October Issue of   KRNL and the Summer/Autumn issue of Yondee Magazine.

(6) What type of modeling do you prefer? (runway, or print work) and why?

A;  I would say runway because I can get into character and show my diversity as a model during fashion shows.

(7) What are your goals in this fashion industry?

A; My goals in the fashion world are to become America’s Next Top Model and or travel the world as a supermodel.

(8) Where can we find your latest work?

A; You may find my latest work in the October Issue of Imperial Magazine and the Oct issue of The KRNL.

(9) Where can we contact you, ie: facebook, ig, twitter, web sites, ?

A; I can be contacted through my Instagram@cheetaraxo,
Facebook  Kyara Koko Taylor, and my email

(10). The best way to contact me is through my email

A;  If someone wanted to hire you for fashion related work are those the best ways to contact you? Or do you have an agency / mgmt  you are being represented by?

(11) Your closing statements….

Words Of inspiration and or quotes you base your character on?

A;  My favorite quote is I chase my dream everyday and what I love the most is catching them.