Highly Humble

2 Windsor Terrace
White Plains, NY 10601
Cell: (347) 344-8011


Luckner Don Pierre is an entrepreneur and a graphic designer who specializes in urban fashion designs. Currently he is promoting and marketing his Highly Humble brand with promoters in the fashion industry. Highly Humble was created in 2007.

What motivates Luckner is his passion and desire for change. He uses his fashion designs as a platform to inspire and influence humanity. What makes this brand unique is that it intertwines the concept of “Highly Humble” into his clothing line. Luckner was inspired by the word ‘humble’ which means, not proud or arrogant in one’s personality. Highly Humble is simply a reminder to everyone to be positive, conscious, respectful, kind, altruistic and most importantly humble.

Past success includes: Fashion Week in New York City, Serenity Fashion Events, Heartland Modeling Agency, Katwalk Katerers and Top Ten Model Management.

The designs includes: jackets, T-shirts, Rugby shirts, caps, fedoras, sweat suits, jeans and more. Highly Humble fits all sizes, ages and genders.

Twitter: @luckyhhumble Instagram: highlyhumble2007 Facebook: Highly Humble


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