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“When I started they told me you don’t know sh#t about fashion, I told them fashion don’t know sh#t about me”



Established in 2012. Frantzyface, a fun, trendy clothing line made up of superior quality. Frantzyface is created and owned by Frantz Farnolle. He is not your typical clothing designer. In fact, Frantz is more of an artist and his timeless pieces are works of art. Masterpieces if you will. Through his creative efforts as a designer, his genius clothing line embodies exclusivity. The founders’ vision was to construct a clothing line in which every piece was limited to avoid saturation in the streets. Frantzyface fulfilled this vision and launched a series called “The Dom & Gab” collection. Followed by “The Love Is Love” collection and finally “FrantzyFaceAngels”. Each piece crafted perfectly and uniquely so. The brand is all about being yourself. Showing your true FACE and not conforming to the norm. Instead we encourage our consumers to be a legend in their own right. To strive to be the best in everything they do, never give up; while promoting positivity and remaining humble which will lead to unlimited success, prosperity and an abundance of good fortune.
Frantzyface is an independently run, home-grown clothing brand based in Brooklyn, New York.


Frantz Farnolle never had an interest in fashion. Ironically enough, some of his classmates actually made fun of the clothing he would wear to school.

It wasn’t until 2011, while working at a Starbucks, that happened to be located in the fashion district, that Frantz thought about design.

Then in 2012 it happened. Frantz launched “Frantzyface” and created his first design.

Although Frantz never attended fashion school, he has managed to capture the needs of his audience which includes a wide range of loyal repeat customers both national and international.


Today Frantzyface Clothing Brand has accomplished so much.

The brand has expanded, now available t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sportswear, button down shirts, children’s

wear, outerwear, accessories, headwear and even footwear.

Celebrities such as Comedian Chante Wayans have been seen rocking Frantzyface while on MTV2’s hit show “Wilding Out” as well as several cast members on VH1’s “Black Ink”.

Other celebrities rocking Frantzyface include Methodman, celebrity stylist “Richboi” most notably known for dressing actors “Black Ink”, and many more.
Frantzyface teamed up with other artist like him self and held multiple series of well attended events such as:
-Pop-up Shop Events
-Face the Music Concert
-Let Me Talk My Ish Poetry Event
-This Is Not My Face Art Show
-Picture That Photography Exhibit

Frantzyface clothing line has teamed up with one of the most successful and well known urban wear brands, none other than SABIT NYC. Frantzyface clothing can now be purchased at the SABIT NYC “The Shopp” located at 43 Clinton Street, New York, NY 10002.

Online purchases can be made by logging on to

“I Just Want To Inspire People One
T-Shirt At A time. Frantzyface Basically Means It’s Okay To Be Yourself. BE YOUR FACE.



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