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GFB Ivo tweeted a quote “Front Now, Feen Later” without the acknowledgment of how a simple tweet could change his life. “Front Now, Feen Later” started booming on twitter and with his creative mind, Ivo decided to turn the term into a business venture. With his own drive and determination, he brought to life a new trade mark in today’s urban fashion creating T-shirts with the logo “Front Now, Feen Later”.

At the beginning of his journey, the trending topic was something he invested only into his own liking; making clothing for only him, his twin brother, and cousin (GFB). He branched out his visions to the rest of the world after seeing how many people took interest into his clothing, diversifying his brand making hoodies, hats, bags, and pins. Starting locally to now, having big people such as Ashanti, Bobby Smurder, Lance Stevenson, K. Michelle, Erica Mena, Lil Scrappy, Memphis Bleek, Maino and so many more people, we love rock his brand.

Three years ago, the young mogul straight out of Brooklyn, NY, a city that never sleeps, believed in his own creativity and today is on the rise of becoming very successful with the dedication of making sure his family will always be taken care of. Today, Ivo is very blessed for how far he has come and is only using his success as ambition to get even further.



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